Granite Countertops: The Five Easy Steps to Your Project

Granite Countertops: The Five Easy Steps to Your Project

As most contractors can relate, complexities exist within any building project, particularly with an undertaking involving a new build or remodel of a kitchen or bathroom. Architects and builders might fantasize about the offering of a menu of options, quick customizable selections, and an easy ordering, design, and installation process.

Well, dreams do come true. At Tower Industries, we offer a simple process to allow ease in ordering, outlining, and installing an item quite imperative to a kitchen or bathroom project: the granite or custom countertop.

1. Selection

We live in a multiple-choice world. Consequently, with Tower Industries, selecting the look of the countertop might present one of the only challenges to the designer, as a plethora of options are available. A beautiful array of colors and designs exist in a standard offering, plus an even larger opportunity for appearance with custom countertop options. From swirls of black and white to coffees, greens, and golds, to pearls and crystals, the combinations and colors are virtually endless with granite, and Tower Industries offers the full assortment.

2. Extras

In addition to the beautiful color selections, granite countertop backsplash choices and edging profiles are equally important. To complete the overall appearance of the project, choose from a standard edge, such as square, waterfall, or bullnose; or move up to more deluxe options with beveled or chiseled edges for the countertop. After selecting the color, design, edge profile, you are ready to go with the next steps of your plan.

3. Design

Now, on to the fun part! Once the look of your project is solidified, and colors and extras have been chosen, Tower Industries will move forward with creating a template of the specifications required. In other words, we visit your site, take measurements, review basic design sketches, and then create a detailed template of the exact requirements for your granite or custom countertop plan.

4. Confirmation

Are we ready to go? The super-easy part is that once the designers or architects review the final template of the project, and provide approval, Tower Industries will accept the green light to move forward. Any changes? No problem. Redesign is expected. Approved changes will be incorporated in the custom countertop project. Once we receive final approval, we will execute the manufacturing of the final product design as promised.

5. Installation

It’s on! Once all approvals have occurred, and manufacturing is complete, the easiest part to an architect or builder’s project is the day of the granite or custom countertop installation. Tower Industries is the complete solution for any kitchen or bathroom project. Our certified and highly experienced installers install your beautiful, new countertop. We offer, supply, deliver, and install only the best for your project.

If your project involves granite countertops, working with Tower Industries is a no-brainer. We offer a simple solution from beginning to end. From gorgeous style options, to designing a template, to no-fuss installation, we present and deliver a quality product and design to keep your projects flowing as smoothly as possible.

If you’re working on a project with granite countertops, or any custom countertops, contact us here and let’s discuss how we can help.

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