Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Meridian Solid Surface?

Meridian Solid Surface is a premium surfacing product that is completely non-porous, highly resistant to household stains, and can be cleaned with soap and water and many household chemicals without damage to the product. Meridian Solid Surface can also be scrubbed with a stiff-bristle brush, making it the preferred product for any environment whose water contains iron or other staining minerals.
The color of Meridian Solid Surface is consistent throughout, which means that minor scratches and damage can be sanded away using everyday products and materials. For these and many other reasons too numerous to mention, Meridian Solid Surface is the preferred surfacing material for all high-quality products.

Question: Does Meridian Solid Surface require any special care?

Meridian Solid Surface can be cleaned with soap and water as well as many household chemicals without damage to the product. See our Care and Maintenance Statement for additional details.

Question: Can I get a sample of your colors?

While all of our colors are shown on this website, we are pleased to offer actual color samples upon request. The cost is $10.00 each and includes shipping via US Mail or UPS Ground Shipment.

Question: Will my Meridian Solid Surface product(s) match the color sample?

Meridian Solid Surface is a natural product and is made, in part, of natural minerals. As such, natural variations in color and pattern will occur and are to be accepted as with all natural products. Due to the natural minerals that we use in the manufacturing process, your Meridian Solid Surface product(s) will be similar to the sample, but may not match exactly. This applies to all samples, whether they are physical samples or digital photos from this website. Tower Industries cannot be held responsible for these variations.

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