Choice Select® cabinetry is an all-wood, feature-rich cabinet line crafted and hand-assembled using the highest quality wood. All Choice Select® cabinetry is certified by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association)

Best-in-class assurance offers you peace of mind.

Preferred by consumers and cabinetmakers, plywood is more durable than less expensive particle board and vinyl components. Cabinets are built with furniture-grade 1/2″ thick box panels and, 1/2″ shelves resulting in robust, custom-like cabinet construction.

The wood products used meet California Phase 2 formaldehyde emission limit requirements.

Fast, easy and efficient to assemble. There are no unsightly face-frame nail holes to fill or visible interior joinery mechanisms. It looks like custom construction and contributes to a consistently plum and square cabinet box that is easy to install.

Conveys a look of sophistication and is ideal for displaying glazed finishes. Looks custom and blends well with custom cabinets.

A true hardwood species, its dense nature offers more control and stability in the construction and finishing process compared to imported wood species.

Maximizes cabinet interior storage space.

Fully concealed hinges offer precision door adjustment and durability.

Dovetail joints are considered one of the strongest joints used in cabinet construction and are the best solution for a drawer box. Dovetail drawers are also the most decorative and attractive of all drawer joinery styles.

This style offers a sleek, sophisticated and seamless look often used in more contemporary design installations. It has high market appeal and gives a furniture-like look.

Wood veneer interiors with a clear finish are clean, bright and attractive. They blend and pair well with custom cabinets.

The finishing process not only looks beautiful and highlights the inherent beauty of wood, it also acts as a protective barrier against common staining, scratches, and abrasions found with everyday household use.

Smooth running action with quiet closing. Concealed glides allow you to appreciate the beauty of dovetailed wood drawers while the full extension gives easy access to the entire drawer box.

Designed, engineered and assembled to US standards that produce consistently plum and square cabinets that are easy to install.