Granite Countertop

Variation in the natural stone color, pattern, size, shape and shade are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected. This does not affect the product performance. Your countertop will not be replaced due to these variations.

Natural stone products may contain some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Areas that have been filled with color-matched epoxy that may compromise the integrity and strength of the materials.
  • Variations in veining, color and movement.
  • Small visible “fissure” lines on the surface which rarely affect the structural integrity.
  • Natural mineral deposits, or “beauty marks,” that can be seen as intensified spots or lines of color, lack of color and areas with compromised polishing ability.
  • Pitting “pock” marks of varying size on the surface.

All natural stone products can be damaged by excessive force, pressure or prolonged heating.

All seams will be plainly visible and where there are seams the product pattern, color and other characteristics may change.